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A few random thoughts

I just got ahold of the OXM demo disc with PD Orta and Splinter Cell on it, and I've got some comments. Rather than starting a new thread for each, I thought I'd just clump them all into this one.

First of all, Splinter Cell is amazing. It's available now and there's plenty of reviews of it on the net, so I'm not going to talk about it much. Panzer Dragoon, on the other hand, I wasnt as impressed with. I'm still very excited for it, but I was more impressed with the demo of the original PD that was posted here. I'm not quite sure what underwhelmed me to PDO, but it just didnt have much of an impact on me. Of course, this is just the demo, so this is by no means a concrete opinion.

Oh, and one thing that just struck me: PD and Rez are practically the same game! Well, at least the basic gameplay is the same: They're both on rails shooters, in which you can lock on to enemies by holding down a button and then release a bunch of lasers when you let go, or just tap the fire button to shoot single shots. And, in both, you can rotate the camera around to shoot enemies that are around you. There's obvious differences too, but I thought it was interesting how they used the same gameplay structure.

Another random thought: I read a bunch of HotD3 reviews, and they all said that the game controls well, even without the lightgun. After playing the demo, I've found out why! The game is basically an on-rails FPS! So, wouldnt it be cool if Sega gave us full control in the next one, and made HotD4 an all out FPS. If not HotD4, they could make a sidestory that utilized the same theme (like Zombie Revenge).

Your thoughts?
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