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Ryo Ga Gotoku

Ive Been looking into this game and I think Any fan of Shenmue would like it.

Nagoshi San the Directer and writer of the games story
pointed out some similarities between the 2 games:
1-It's Free(Like Shenmue's genre)
2-It have a strong story Like Shenmue.
3-Action scences by Fighting Like Shenmue but in a free style. (?)
4-Lots of mini games, slot machines, Sega-Sammy machines, UFO and more.
5-Cinematic gameplay and heat breaking movies during the game.
Pluss many other things in the way you can act in the game
also you'll see more when you get a chance to play it.

He also pointed out that the Fighting in the game Is a lot more Brutish
and bloody, Picking up things too beat the bad guys with, But you will still learn moves and improve.
To get your health back you have to go out and eat a meal.

The story I am not to sure on yet but it is to do with a man that got out of
jail for killing a gang member to protect his family and he looks after
a little girl but im not sure where she fits in.

Graphicly the game looks really great for the PS2 but there are a cupple of frame
rate problems here and there but maybe they will be sorted out before
the game is released.

Here is a picture probably one of the most impressive
of a shop like Shenmues Tomato store:

You can download more pictures here:
There pretty small but you get the Idear.

Also there is a trailer but its a bit fuzzy and not worth it.

All in all the game looks great,
I'm a massive Shenmue fan so this game will be good for me
untill Shenmue3 comes out. *fingers crossed*

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