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First Panzer DO review and more info

It seems like most hardcore gamers are looking forward to Panzer Dragoon Orta. It sounds like some people in this forum might buy an Xbox just for this game alone. It looks like it might be a good one. PDO just recieved the third highest score ever, in the Official Xbox Magazine(US version).

Halo: 9.5
Dead or Alive 3: 9.5
Panzer Dragoon Orta: 9.3
Jet Set Radio Future: 9.2

Quote from the last paragraph of the big five page review:

"Is it really all that? But Orta's still an on rails shooter, right? It's more eye candy than actual game - true? Sure, yes, right. But then your overlooking the reason why we play games in the first place - for escape, for a unique experience, to be transported to a world crafted completely out of imagination. And Orta does this better than almost any other game on Xbox to date. It's a game that couldn't work without any of its individual parts. With such a fanatical following of series' devotees, Smilebit and Sega have a lot to live up to with Panzer Dragoon Orta. Not only did they have to deliver in terms of graphics, but the gameplay and storyline had to exceed expectations. We're happy to say that, with all its beauty and inspiration, Orta leaves all expectations in the dust."

Another cool feature, the original Saturn version of Panzer Dragoon will be included with PDO. Is that cool or what? This will be the third Sega game that includes a bonus. Shenmue II will have the Shenmue movie, House of Dead III will have HOD II and now PDO will have the original Panzer Dragoon. Very cool. Sega deserves to sell a gazillion games this holiday season and knock Electronic A#@wipes from the top spot.

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