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the path most travelled

Nintendo has partnered with bigger corporations more times than you apprently realize

where did the PSX even come from? a NINTENDO born project

anyway, you suggested that nintendo might go the way of sega
that's pretty much what your words mean in an english context, anyway

and I countered that, because sega wasn't planning on going third party
they originally had the same good deal nintendo had

btw, nintendo is the dominant game software publisher/profiter NOT from the licensing royalties for their consoles, but from the mere profits of their own software
if you add in the royalties, they make even more, but you don't need to bother for them to still be on the top of the pack

now why would NINTENDO want to change that? why would they want to go third party and HAVE TO PAY royalties instead of raking in the royalties?

like I said, their own games make them a profit, they could make a system and not let ANY third party make a game for it, and it would still have million seller titles and nintendo would still turn a hefty profit (hell, that's basically what happened on the N64)

MS may be a big corporation, but that certainly doesn't mean jack, they smacked down matsushita and all it's little ho companies like panasonic and whatever else
so I don't think they gotta worry about MS

Sony got lucky, big time
they cashed in hype and marketing and 3D and lowest common denominator
and they were the only decent thing around for a good year or three...

but for the whole cartridge thing, memory is a funny thing in the corporate world
and quite frankly, the Gamecube doesn't have the problems of the N64 and I doubt anyone truly thinks there is a nasty stigma on that seeing as how even the N64 did fine

and on top of that, sony went and made their PS2 a beastly pain in the ass to work on

it's all about immediate gratification
so what nintendo acted like jerks back in the day? they are nice now
and so what if sony pandered to the lowest common denominator on both sides on their last console? their current one is not quite so nifty

corporate attitude doesn't care about what you did for it before it cares about what you're doing NOW for it and what it thinks you can do for it in the future
your best friend's drug dealer
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