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your Next Gen console dream Game....

if you could create a game, with the reported/rumored next gen console specs in mind, what type of game would you create?

for me, it would be a cross between MGS3 and Socom 2(without the squad bassed espionage), and splinter cell.some of these ideas are in games already, but i would expand on them since next gen consoles would be able to handle more...
complete with animals, vehichles you control, huge cities, talking strait out of a movie

i think putting snake in a more socom like environment, where everything is wide open, with the MGS story attached to it, along with graphics that have yet to be seen would be goodly. Just Imagine Snake being dropped of by helicoptor in, lets say the congo, where every blade of grass moved with its own motion, and every tree sweyed like the wind 's actually there. and in my game, there would be only 1 level (more like an entire country...a small one mabey) HUGE, VAST, go anywhere, do anything level mabey 10 or 20 times the size if a vice city , complete with wildlife to hunt, bugs, ect. Weather would change in realtime, with it raininng for days, complete with a day and night system. where as in the day, you wouldnt wanna walk through the city as more humans are out to give away your position. you use this time to find your food, travel, ect. While at Night, since your in the congo, the jungle gets more dangerous, with your main enemy not being the opposing army, but a lion or gorilla that has just spotted you. During the night would also be the best time to infiltrate cities and buildings looking for that secret file, kidnappings, assainations, ect. days could last about 3 hours. with it taking 3 or 4 days just to complete a mission. Missions would come in through your codec, and you would have to manually get from point A to point B using a veriety of methods and multiple routs....

like, lets say you have to get 20 miles from point A to B and you are told of mabey 2 or 3 ways of getting there. the safest, but extremely long way would be by mabey a river that you could trek along. taking the river takes about 2 hours of walking, and you prolly wont see one threat. But lets say your pressed for time and have already taken up a day on a mission healing yourself from your last mission, and this has to be completed in 3 days. the hard way is to go into the local city, and attempt to hijack a hummer and take the road. with taking the road, you KNOW you will be seen, and you have to gun it out along certain points to get to your destination, but by doing this, instead of 2 hours it mabey takes you 30 mins, also being more fun....but more costly to you in the long run because you'v taken hits and have to recover, thus next mission you will have to spend valuble time resting. then there may be a secret alternative to get there by extensivly exploring the land thats quicker and easier then the other two...

oh, and the only guns you get are the ones you steal from others and can carry, so no, you wont be able to run wild with a bazooka and cary everything else.there will be no ammo boxes along the way, but you will be able to store ammo you cllect from dead soldiers and food. food goes bad though and taking up space by collecting ammo for a shotgun, yet you dont have one, would be usless and could lead to your doom if a gun fight breaks out.

you would have to eat almost every day. a healthy diet would increase your overall stamina, while not eating makes you sluggish and could actually decrease stamina, allowing you to take less hits in order to die. the only time significant amounts of time would pass is with sleep with it taking up about 1/3 of a day.

also, i would make my game slow in the begining, unfolding it according to the info you collect along missions and from. play smart and take your time, listen to soldiers talk since they will be able to hold convo's, one you have found what your looking for in a certian area, keep looking, mabey you can pick up another key item. sometimes taking the 'good' path will lead to bad things, while taking the 'bad' paths could lead to rewards....sometimes. in my game, hardley NOTHING will be obvious and lots and LOTS of experimenting and exploration will be needed to master it. im talking an EASY 250 hours of gameplay...more if i had it completly my even have it so that if you dont know certain, mission critical info at a certain point in the game because, lets say a building blew up containing the info that you came across 400 times but neglected to collect, the game stops advancing leaving you in limbo like 'what do i do' soulda collected data, thats what you shoulda start over, thank you.

I have ALOT of other ideas, but i dont want this post to get to long, so imma stop right here, but i wanna know what you all think and what would u make. be creative or make and existing game batter...ill even add more if you all would like, mabey a mission scinerio...
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