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Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader Goes Gold

oh boy oh boy oh boy! Fans of Fallout and Arcanum and such, get ready for an uber RPG! Heres the main site incase some of you have no clue what Lionheart is. Definately 1 of the 2 rpgs I've been waiting for this year. The other is Greyhawk. Anyway, heres the link to the main site if you need more info. GET IT!
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Spited Pariah
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there was a European Game that I heard about that shared a similar story line to this, called Mistmare

I never got a chance to play it, but I heard that it shared the "what if the Religious influences never went away" type thing of Europe

Imma definatly pick this game up, since I love most Black Isle games i've seen

I've always loved PC rpg's like that, its a healthy variation from the Japanese type RPG's that I equally love..
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Its tied with Skies of Arcadia as my all time favorite game.

I own Fallout 1&2, and I played fallout 1 fora while, but then I got a new computer, and the save file ended up not transferring, so I never got back into them, but this fantasy storyline draws me much more.

and lets show some arcanum lovin'

I would like to add a quick question to this.

did anyone use turn based battles in arcanum? people said it was to hard in real time, but I did juts fine with it in real time.
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I used both. If there was one or two normal enemies I'd slash them up, but come time for a boss or multiple enemies, out comes the turn based!!! So you played Fallout but not 2? Unless I'm misreading that. Play Fallout 2. 1 was excellent but 2 was unreal. It is SO cool. Played a few times, and once even made my female character a lesbian. Too amusing.
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