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Panzer Dragoon Saga - Great article on its history

Joe might want to read this, it's a great article on the development and release of this game.

Really good read!
Paper exe - PS3 is a great console with many good games and good features.

Alucard - My only mistake was playing it on the PC.

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Man... SEGA doesn't know how much they could hype and profit from remaking that game.

A remake with present day tech could catapult the game to GOTY material if well done.

Memories of another world, where gaming was young and innocent and didn't aim to extort all your money with cynic monetisation systems. It was a good time.
Just a shame the genre was too niche back then for such masterpieces to get the recognition they deserved.
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Joe Redifer
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They'd have to completely remake it. Which is fine. That would allow them the freedom to extend it which it kind of needs here and there.
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