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SNES Classic Edition Coming Back In Stock At GameStop And ThinkGeek this week

Maybe it's time to get it? Now that the new patch is out for you to add as many games as you want into the SNES mini.

SNES Classic Edition Coming Back In Stock At GameStop And ThinkGeek
Standalone units and bundles will be available this week.

Those still hunting for a SNES Classic Edition in the US have at least two options for where they can expect to find one this week. GameStop and its subsidiary ThinkGeek have announced that they are receiving more units, but--as always--you'll need to act fast.

Beginning today, October 10, GameStop and ThinkGeek retail locations will begin receiving shipments of the micro console. GameStop stores should "have their full allotment by Thursday, October 12, at the latest," according to a statement shared with GameSpot. These will be standalone, individual units that you can pick up for $80. There's no guarantee that stores will have the system in stock today, and GameStop advises calling your local store to inquire about availability.

Provided you miss out or can't make it to a store today, both retailers will begin selling units online tomorrow, October 11. At GameStop, standalone systems and bundles will be available, while ThinkGeek's website will also sell the console on its own.

SNES Classic pre-orders sold out well in advance of launch, and release day also saw demand outpace supply. Difficulties in obtaining the NES Classic Edition no doubt played a role in that, but Nintendo insists you should not pay more than retail price for one. It has said it will ship far more units of the SNES Classic than it did the NES Classic, and it has already expanded its plans and will continue shipping the system into 2018. If you aren't able to pick one up at GameStop or ThinkGeek, we're continuing to track how you can buy a SNES Classic Edition. And if you're still wondering whether it's worth all the fuss, check out our SNES Classic Edition review.
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Scalpers must be going nuts with how unpredictable nintendo is acting with this one.

Well deserved.
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Reggie waited till the day of release to tell everyone NOT to buy scalper SNES, stores have been getting tons, but still sell out. My EBgames got restocked 3 times since the 29th.
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I think it's a great move for Nintendo. I mean...the existing hardware can more than handle it and based on the popularity of the NES Classic it should do extremely well. However,i would love to see them do one for every home console up to the Wii, I'm not sure how that one would work...
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