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Fixing your screen to DVDs???

How do you do this. I just bought some japanese Naruto and when I popped that baby in, the english subitles were cut off somewhat. i tried this on my ps2 and they were a little cutoff on the ends, then I tried my xbox and you could barely see them. If anyone is a DVD expert please tell me how to d\fic the screen or shrink it so I can see the subtitles. Thank you
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Joe Redifer
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Is the DVD from Europe? If so there isn't much you can do because PAL has more resolution than NTSC and thus the bottom of the screen gets cut off. If that's not the case, it could just be that the DVD was poorly produced. Since it is Naruto I am betting that it was poorly produced. It was probably titled on a computer screen and the moron who did it did not think about television overscan. Thus the subtitles are outside of the title-safe area. The best way would be to watch the DVD on your computer.
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