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Well, im positively ceartain that VF4 evo is already out in europe since i already got it Its very good!
If your interested ill give you a laydown... well the graphics arent as good as VF4, they now have more polys on the arenas backgrounds and there are 2nd versions of almost every stage found in VF4, but on the other hand those juicy speacial effects that graced vf4 dont make a comeback (reflecting water, etc) and also im not sure but it seems that the game is now 50fps intead of 60 but the character movements appear to be much smoother and realistic looking! But the game really pays off in the playability department since almost every character has seen his moves revamped and 2 new characters have been added, plus the new quest mode is much better than the kumite mode in vf4 and has lots of goodies to unlock (wallpapers,movies, and the usual stuff to customise your character), and the mode itself is now divided into tournaments, including pretty funny ones (i loved one where the characters are accelareted and thus can make combos of more than 20 hits )! So were pretty lucky AM2 didnt name the game VF5 since it can be considered something of the sort (ive seen hudson doing that with much less with bloody roar)!
My final word is its a must buy unless your already fed up(and i mean reeaaally fed up) with virtua fighter!!
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