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Originally Posted by FinalSolace2
lol back in the day i did all the anime cosplay gatherings and game exhibitions, and ddr and arcades, the anime/game Ho's

[looks at sky a feels nostalgia]

man i need to out when the next one is,

p's why do you think female cosplayers are Ho's
i think its hightened sence of imagination,

one girl i scored with was calling out squalls lionhearts name during action, i kinda wanted to cry at that moment!! not a fun experience at all.... :thumbdn:
We're getting older. And our lives are calling for that strangeness we experienced in our youths.

I've never actually tried to score with anyone at a con, mostly because I didn't want a.) a statictory rape charge or b.) A paternity suit, since most girls there say their 19, but are actually 15. And since I take pride in my cosplay, I usually stick out of the wash of inu yasha cosplayers.

Maybe if I found a girl who I dug on a philisophical level. But Chris Rock's words ring too true

"If a girl says she's 21, and looks 16, she's 12. If a girl says she's 26, and looks 26, she's damn near 30"
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