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Originally Posted by Alucard
Considering some reasons why you dont like other games and companies, I'm actually shocked you're still looking forward to games from this hack. He butchered DX2 and dumbed down Thief 3. Thats more then enough for me o tell him where exactly he can go.
Eidos butchered DX2 and dumbed down Thief 3 (and he no longer works for Eidos). DX1, which was brilliant, would never have been made without him.

I generally find it difficult to blame the talent when they're just doing their jobs. While great devs may not always remain great, crappy developers and publisher simply have the power to ruin games. Particularly in the wonderful world of PC gaming. He probably could have handled it better, but the odds were stacked against him from day 1.

That said, if his next game is crap, he doesn't have any excuses left
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