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Originally Posted by crystalclear
Are you mad? it seems you have some sort of grudge against this game, coz every comment about this game i see coming from you is negativity. suck in your pride, get the game and be amazed
Oh it is highly unlikely that I'd be amazed. While the Zelda's for the NES didn't impress me much (especially since I had played Golvellius for the SMS first), I really enjoyed the SNES adventure. I had a great time using the fold-up map that it came with. What a fantastic game! "Zelda is good" I thought. So then I got an N64 (first mistake) and a few games for it. When it came out, I received "Zelda Ocarina of Time" for Christmas. I heard so many great things about this game and I was excited and immediately started playing (second mistake). I played and played, with continuously decreasing interest in the game due to its inability to keep me entertained. I was in some dungeon, I can't remember where, but I suddenly became EXTREMELY bored with the game and could not power up the game without becoming queasy.

Fast forward to when Wind Waker comes out. A friend buys it, and I like the graphics, but the gameplay looks EXCEEDINGLY boring, especially with all that sailing (also I did not like the water graphics, but whatever). It looked like it played just like that lame Ocarina game! Pass!

Then out of the blue, somebody PMs or e-mails me codes to put in at Nintendo's web site to get that free Zelda bonus disc. I do it and the disc arrives shortly thereafter. I put it in and have about 5 minutes worth of fun with Zelda 1, about 8 minutes worth of fun with Zelda 2, and absolutely no fun whatsoever with Zelda 3 (because it's not on there, bastards!). I decide to try Ocarina again with the amazingly enhanced graphics. No dice. The game still sucks. Then I try that Majora's Mask game. It was a bit more interesting that the Ocarina game, but I still passed out due to boredom within the first 15 minutes or so. I also tried the Wind Waker demo. Nice graphics but BORING!

Now the new Zelda is coming out, and Link wears some REALLY fruity clothes in it. One garmet is a piece of colored cloth that covers one side of his gut... that's it! WTF? I don't care about horseback riding (of which there will probably be as much of that as Wind Waker's sailing) and I don't care about fishing. If I fished in a Shenmue game it would probably be fun, but Nintendo just has a way of making games seem really... well... not very fun. It's just something about them that they put in their games that I can't explain. I have no idea why everyone gets hard-on's for Zelda games. Or Mario games (though the one for the DS looks pretty cool). Dontcha get sick of playing the same crap again and again with a new coat of paint?

If you're gonna get obsessed with a game, at least get obsessed with a good game like Space Harrier.
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