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I hear it won't have concusion granade jumping, as a die hard team fortess classic player I have only one thing to say to this: STUPID

Anyways, there was nothing wrong with TFC (the most popular version of TF there is)
its the most balanced multiplayer game i've ever played, its only faults are from the company that produced it:

Glitches, like the Soldier nail granade which any n00b could do, would make massive damage through walls if thrown properlly,

Broken collision detection where you could duck and your hitboxes were screwed up

Bunny hoping, lets face it nobody plays fair and does this manually, everyone opts for scripts, you can't shoot rockets, prime nades and constantly bunnyhop at a scout's speed without one.

TFC became obsolete when cheating loosers with all their wallhacks and aimbots(a soldier using an aimbot is pretty much undetectable) would abuse all of those things.
While I hope TF2 turns out to be good, I sense that Valve will screw up and make something completely different.
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