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Yeah, those are two bad examples, but look at good examples; Assassin Creed's multiplayer has a lot of players on Revelations, and Mass Effect 3 has utterly tonnes of players. So MP portions aren't always skipped over like they're nothing.

I actually loved AC's MP too as I said, it was more of what I wanted in the single-player; being an Assassin! Hunting people down in crowds and taking them down. I liked the story but sometimes I want to relax and murder some fools! God of War might do the same, give you more of what was great about the SP. If you like the gameplay you might want more, and MP is a never-ending supply of it.

But yeah, I'm hoping it won't make the SP any worse. Development teams are big and there's a lot of drift time during development of a game, an MP portion doesn't automatically mean the single-player will suffer because of it.
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