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Been gone cause I was extremely busy cleaning and doing other business. Listed the house last week, I got 26,000 more than it's worth! There was a bidding war over my house. So getting to downsize is going to be a lot easier now haha.

I already got rid of over half my collection. Mostly the really junky and crap stuff. I sold my mint copy of New Mutants 98, first app. of Deadpool for 500 dollars. lol

Real estate agent is my brother's friend and he just makes a deadline for offers, which was a week, he collected all of them, there was 4 offers out of over 20 appointments to see the house, I was rarely in my house this week, only at night and woke up to just go out all day. All of the offers were under what we were asking for by 20,000, but this one guy is rich apparently, the agent knows him and he said if there were any other offers to tell him, he did and BAM he gave us what we were asking for and then another 26k.

Still can't believe that, gives me extra to do something I wanted to do. Which is build a arcade cabinet! But, I'm going to make it to be for anything. Like in the bottom, have it open up and have shelves to put other systems there. I just want something unique for my gaming/rec room that I'm going to set up in my new home.
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