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You know what is tiring?

Preparing to move and packing up your collection of junk since you collected since you were a toddler.... holy crap, I'm tired... and I'm not done yet! I still have to pack up my complete collection of Fox Kids 90s Spider-man figures! AGHHHHHHHHHH!

I'm starting to regret buying them all. Only real reason I keep most of the stuff I got throughout the years is that since I was little, I've always known that this stuff would be worth something. so I never opened anything and only bought doubles of stuff I really wanted to play with. So I rather keep them knowing they might be my retirement fund in the future.

I don't buy that much now, games are pretty much the only thing I spend money on and even then, usually only ones I really want.

When I'm done, I will try and take a photo of every box that is only my collection. so far I have over 15 large boxes done.... This isn't including my comics, over 3000 of them!

Just moving into something smaller if anyone is wondering. Most of you know I was taking care of my father with brain damage, but last month I got him into a nursing home, so I don't need this house and getting a smaller one, just to save money, I'm trying to downsize my entire life so I can have a good retirement instead of a lousy one cause since I have a lot of shit wrong with me, I don't know how long I can work and do even the things I like, so I rather the money so I can live peacefully when I'm older and not have to worry about anything other than dying.

So I'm building a storage unit on my new property and I'm going to use it to store my collection, making it pest and weatherproof and hopefully by the time I'm 60+ they will be worth a good chunk. I already have stuff worth over 1500 dollars right now and I could easily get it cause I already sold some of it that were worth that. My Transformers Car Robots Toys R Us Japan exclusive clear Fire Convoy and God Magus figures with Maximus sword, only way to get the sword from this series and people really wanted it. So I caved and sold it. lol I have others tho! They only made 1000 of that set in Japan.
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