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Brain Age
Nintendo DS

After a few days you will literally only play for minutes a day.

Brain Age is supposed 2 make u more better at being smart as u can c it workz. Anyway they say as your brain ages, it gets worse and instead of driving like a something cool and fast, it drives more like a Ford... which is bad. This game is based on theories that say exercising your brain to make it better and more useful as well as improve overall thinking.

Up to four people (like the forum members here at Magic Box) can
have different profiles on the same card. The current brain age is
displayed for all to see. Lower is best. 20 is the best you can get.

Graphics: 2/10
The graphics in this game, of course, are completely minimal. They don't need to be anything special. The game has a little over 4 colors and a polygonal doctor who looks little to nothing like his real life counterpart. The text is clear as are other things, limited only by the LCD technology used in the DS. You can create your own stamps which adds a little flavor to the graphics... I guess.

Sound: 5/10
Not much here, either. No voices or anything. You can touch bicycles, people, trains, rocketships and the like to hear sounds that are associated with them. Freakin' WOW! The game is in stereo despite the fact that you must hold the DS sideways as you play. So you'll hear sound from directly ahead of you and ever-so-slightly above directly ahead of you. The music is adequate and is typical for what you'd expect from a game like this. Dolby Digital 5.1 is not supported. Bad Nintendo. Bad!

The game will randomly ask you to draw certain things for reasons
I have yet to decipher. The game can not tell how or what you draw, so you
are not judged even if you are horrible.

Gameplay: 7/10
The game is pretty fun when trying to solve moronic stuff you learn in the first grade. It never really moves beyond the second grade... well maybe it does if you count Sudoku. The game relies entirely on speed, so errors are counted as seconds added onto your final time. But you can run into problems. Once during the "stroop test" where you're supposed to say outloud the color of the word instead of what the text spells (ex: the correct answer to Yellow is "red"), the color of the word was red, and I said "red" outloud in my perfectly enunciated American non-accent. The screen said "Try Again". Just for fun I said "Orange" (which is not an option for any of the colors at all) and the game marks it correct. That wastes time and lowers my score even though my initial answer was correct. The voice recognition is only a bit shoddy, but the handwriting recognition is REALLY BAD. One test requires you memorize two pages of words and then write them on the screen in a frantic hurry as if you needed to go diarrhea but can only access the toilet after getting all of the words correct. One word was "hive". I kept writing "hive" with my perfect penmanship but the game kept seeing it as HLVX. What the hell? I spent over a minute trying to get this one correct. It has a very difficult time distinguishing between i's and l's as well. Writing the word "lion" proved to be a nightmare. So you get a low score despite being able to remember bunch of words that you never had a chance to write due to time running out. You can always take confidence that you're much better than the game says you are.

The game can even be used by people who are "different" like left-handers as
shown here by fellow forum member Vicviper (a lefty) trying his very best at math.

There are lots of different tests and training activities that can be unlocked either based on time or skill (I haven't really figured that part out yet... seems random). Some of the tests include counting people moving in and out of a house. The final problem in this one has a ton of people moving in and out so fast that guessing is your only option. The screen blurs quite a bit during this. You are rated on your speed, and the ratings go from a person walking (walking speed) to a rocket ship flying through space. obviously, the faster the better. I have never gotten anything but rocketship speed on the syllable count. That, the stroop test, calculations x20, and counting from 1 to 120 are the easiest tests. You also get to read out loud from boring "classics". The poly-doctor LOVES to sneeze over and over blaming his allergies. God damned asswipe. He loves to give the same useless tips over and over and over, like how you can say "Glasses glasses" at the title screen and his poly-head may do something crazy. It's crazy, alright. Say it and his glasses pop up and his mouth opens like he wants to give you a violent blow job. Nasty. The Sudoku portion is really fun. I always get train speed on solving those puzzles. This part of the game is actually kind of addicting for me. Fortunately when you write simple numbers, the game recognizes them pretty well. And this sure beats doing the sudoku puzzles in the newspaper! I haven't quite made it up to the final boss yet, but I have unlocked and solved a few of the advanced puzzles.


Wrap up:
Pretty fun game, if inaccurate at times. It certainly won't damage your brain and most likely will help improve simple fast thinking, but I don't think it will improve overall general thinking like the game suggests. Some of the tips offered by the game may be hazardous to your health, like reading all of the signs and billboards as fast as you can while driving to work and counting the syllables. It also suggests you count the number of strokes while brushing your teeth. Make up your own "strokes" joke here.
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