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FREEEEE expansion of CoV and CoH

Villains and Heroes is getting a....FFRRRREFFFRRFREEEEEEE expansion woooo! I've started playing it recently. Got some characters I'm leveling up for fun. Anyway-

Q: What are the Mayhem Missions?

Matt: ?Mayhem Missions are exactly like they sound. You are given a task where you can enter an instanced part of Paragon City. The ultimate goal is to rob a well defended bank, but nearly everything in the zone is destructible. If you want you can simply cause mayhem by destroying hundreds of objects including fire hydrants and cars while fighting off the Paragon Police Department. Causing mayhem unlocks additional rewards. This turns players? ability to be bad up a few notches.?

Q: Are you bringing new costumes options to play in the game? Will the lairs evolve with the increased player levels?

Matt: ?In addition to some really cool new costume pieces coming with the free expansion, we will be introducing costume pieces as rewards more and more often. Bases are always being looked at, and with the increased level will of course come increased functionality.?
And a bit more at the link
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