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OK well I skipped most of that cause it got stupid cause we know how abaddon is

but for one, the reason Hentai anime exist is cause back when ALL Porn and nudity where outlawed in japan, I think it was the 80's when it happened

but the law didn't say anything about animation, so they just made all porn into animation

well he is right about maturity, people just make it has what is mature has time goes by
but really, is that really mature?

plus I doubt everyone saw Spider-man and was bored with it if they haven't read superhero comic books abaddon, that made me laugh mostly considering how much the Spider-man movie made, they were so bored with it, they just had to go see it! hahaha

but yeah, the other comic book movies are crap tho, even spider-man wasn't even the best

but I would also want to put, reading is reading, doesn't matter what you are reading, even if it is a comic book
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