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Tropico 3. User created campaigns!

This is mega awesome.

Q: Are there any plans for building a community through modding and scripting support? How "open" and customizable will Tropico 3 be in this regard? Will you provide an easy to use map editor?

A: The Timeline Editor is a powerful tool allowing users to create their own custom scenarios called challenges. Events in these challenges will be very customizable, right up to the flavor text. So if you want to create a challenge about aliens abducting Tropican citizens, or to recreate a historical event like the Cuban missile crisis, you can now do so. The game will fully support sharing and rating user created scenarios online.
The players will be able to customize some aspects of the maps. The Map Generator allows you to quickly create a wide variety of random islands by setting various parameters such as map size, elevation, vegetation and natural resources.

Seriously, this is beyond epic. Rest of the interview is that at the link.

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