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Ok, so his work is subpar. But, I don't rule out square enix execs not giving him the conditions he thought he would have though. It is obvious that things fell through. A "variety of experiences" eh? He didn't hide it.

I am interested to see what the tales of series will look like without him. Tales of Vesperia remaster was certainly a good one to make. Hopefully they learn from it.

With that said, as a human being i feel sorry for him. But he jumped ship from Namco and found himself sunk at Squeenix. I bet he regrets it now, but the Tales of series was being driven to the ground under him. I doubt it will recover as well.

Squeenix does have Yuji Naka around. He could easily be a good replacement for Baba. Would probably make amazing games too! But, i doubt they will do that.
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