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What the heck is Will Wright!? But then again that as famous as a PC developer can get.
Plus, Platform is one of the most genius genre, it going to talk an idiot to replace a pure adventure goodness with a soulless repeative FPS, which lack all type of creativeness with it dull similar level design and atmosphere, heck the best thing they could do is show case the best wall and pilers in their new ugly, random dungeon like design. The power of the whole world cannot cover it ugliness. Plus no music, hence PC gamers put their music needs in a very low stander. to them, as long as it orchestra with the same old realistic sound effect they get amazed and start worshiping it, even the cart based console, N64 or even console before it could already make or at lest similar quality of sound effect.
You lot keep worshiping your PC. Super Mario have already stamped on the PC market and completely pwnded it, hence why companies have switched to console rather the unconvinced PC, which needs to to upgraded in a yearly bases, otherwise your PC would be outmoded. And that not mentioning all of these Anti-Versus that you would keep paying for yearly for the sake of protecting your computer from retarded people and even that doesn't help it sometimes. To make matter worst the PC my break down by it own freaking self, for no reason at all.
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