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To be fair, I haven't watched the last 2 episodes, mostly cause I found the first 2 to be boring, I didn't even care for the action in them, the only part I liked in it is when they showed Alucard for the first time arguing with Dracula. That part felt right to me with the characters.

I would have to rewatch it again to find the parts I'm pointing out in the lines.
I had high hopes for this to be at least something that I would like despite not caring for the animation style, I've seen worse, mostly cause I love Castlevania, even the bad ones, like the N64 game.

But, even warren ellis writing didn't feel like it was his. I've read quite a bit from him, but it felt like they just hired some guy off the street to quickly write something in the 2 episodes I watched. It made me feel like they got someone to rewrite it, but they still had to credit him, cause this is actually common in a lot of stuff.

His Thunderbolts comic run was just fantastic. Making the Green Goblin the leader and trying to keep his sanity so he doesn't turn back into the Goblin was just fun to read.

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