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Originally Posted by Alucard View Post
Everyone remember those little graphic mods that made the game sharper and less colourful? I only remembered it today lololool. Copied over the files that just enabled sharpness and left the colours as they were since I dont mind how it looks. I'm a bit of a colour whore. Once you copy the files into the diablo folder, of which they dont overwrite anything so its easy to just delete them later if you dont want them, while ingame you press PAUSE button on your keyboard and it switches it back and forth. With sharpness on it looks nice. A little too strong maybe, but if you turn it off you notice how fucking blurry the game actually is. So keeping the sharpness on. Moving around for a little I adjusted quickly. I think it looks too sharp at first because it really is so blurry.

Has the link for each version. Some just lower the colours slightly too so you have plenty of choices. Just for memories sake heres 2 screens, one default, the other with sharpness and colours changed. So the full extreme. Gives you a basic idea.

Click for full size

Click for full size
I wouldn't use any mods. If warden detects it you will be insta-banned.

I'm on inferno with my barb farming act 1 because my gear is shit. Either going to start a wizard next or re-roll my barb hardcore since the servers seem to have settled down lately.

imo hardcore is the only way the game should be played once you're familiar enough with it.
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