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IMO I do think Lost Odyssey is for the old FF fans.

I dont seem to cliche gaming in general like I sound. I agree I do bash JRPGS a lot. I do because I feel the genre has gone in too many bad directions. Either its not on my "Square-Enix" fan list or it doesn't have the 30+ hour appeal to me. I usually give it a go. I do admit however that some RPGs I've played. It took me to about Level 10 to declare it trash.

This is because:
1. I've witnissed too many "good" rpgs.
3. Replaying PSOne RPGS sounds more entertaining.
4. The game accounts for paying off a reservation.

Why I'm bipolar on the subject:
1. I do take advice and play different RPGs.
2. I try RPGS that come across as an "Anime Fan" style.
3. Developing house history.
4. My love for games in general.

I may not see the appeal of JRPG like I did when I was a teenager, but the JRPG genre is one of my favorites.

For instance: Shadow Hearts, MS Saga, Dot.Hack, and Tales of the Abyss. Not one of them would entertain me like Chrono Trigger/Cross did. I diss them all and still love JRPGS!

I like Mistatee's list of reviews. Because he has a taste for talented work. This brought up some issues I'm facing with my title preferences. Thanks.
because If I went out and bought Growlanser. I'd probably be kicking myself right now.

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