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I doubled it up for the sake of readers. I liked this game a lot.

Devil May Cry 4 - the 20 Minute installation(PS3) edition.

Story - Dante is back. The demon hunter places himself in another epic journey and this time he has Nero, a young protagonist who resembles Dante in many ways. The story is about a cult who worships Dante's father Sparda. And how weird and collective they are about their practices. Nero happens to be an enemy of Dante's. 8 out of 10 There is a love story.

Gameplay - Fast, action-packed, button mashing masterpiece. The Lost Souls option (for DMC fans) offers players a chance to get what they want from their first run of the game. Nero has a demonic arm, which allows him to pick up enemies either to retract or smash into the ground. The concept sounds old, but has many twist and combo options. 9 out of 10

Music - The same dude who pumped us up in DMC3 is back. And the new theme song is actually the best toon I've heard besides Uncharted's interior soundtrack. Nero's voice is actually quite interesting. Dante's voice is perfect. He's aged and still knows how to diss someone.
8 out of 10

Graphics - Smooth and crisp. The graphics appeal for fans and nonfans a like. Not that you need to understand geography of DMC or anything. Which is new and fun. Don't expect an open world environment. What you see is what you get and how many times you want to go back and forth. DMC4 has the largest layout of any DMC to date. 8 out of 10

Final Grade: 8 out of 10

Rent or Buy? - Buy it for sure if you liked the previous DMC games. If you can't force yourself to jump into the series yet. Check it out. The pre-load screen allow players a chance to read a short summary of the series, plus its unlockable.

Finish time - 12.5 hours on medium(Demon Hunter) but there is a Human (easy) mode. I am playing it on hard right now. And The extra content is pretty cool.

Note: There isn't another campaign "as Dante". Like Virgil in DMC3SE. Its not like that matters because IMO the game ROCKS!

Next title I plan on reviewing is Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey.
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