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has anyone playing here found any set items yet? They are like friggin impossible to find other than the auction house.

wow I just read on blizzard that legendaries and set items are meant to be bad on purpose....................

On to items! One of the biggest pieces of feedback we’ve received regarding items is the relative power of Legendaries. This isn’t a simple issue to address, as it involves some intentional design decisions as well as expectations built by other games. First and foremost, Legendary items are not designed to necessarily be the best items in the game. They’re just one additional type of item as you level up, and they are not meant to be the primary items you’re chasing at the end-game. They can -- and should -- be exciting to find, but they’re not supposed to serve as the single driving force of the item hunt. Rare items, for example, have the possibility to roll up “perfect” stats that can, if you’re lucky, outpace the predetermined stats of a Legendary. That’s by design.

But they will buff them after patch 1.1 with the PVP patch.

So get rid of yours if you have them and see if some moron will pay a lot for them. Glad I didn't waste my million gold on a immortal king set now.

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