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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Nintendo DS

The game has been rereleased. Buy it now.

I love me some text adventure games, or "digital comics" as they're sometimes called. Phoenix Wright definitely fits into this category along with the likes of Snatcher, JB Harold Murder Club, Willy Beamish and other such nonsense. Translated from a Japanese Gameboy Advance game that nobody cares about, Phoenix arrives on the DS with style and even a few polygons here and there in order to justify its existence (it is illegal for games not to have polygons these days).

Wouldn't you rather have this chick helping you out instead of the retarded
little kiddie girl who normally follows you around? Of course you would.

Story: 8/10
This game takes place in the future. The stories are geared a bit towards the younger crowd due to the fact that you'll always have an annoying little girl following you everywhere you go except for episode one. The Japanese love their underage girls, and that is a fact. Of course the main character in the story is Phoenix Wright, whom the game refers to as "Nick" for some screwed up reason. Then there is Phoenix's rival and flaming homosexual, Edgeworth. My "gaydar" goes off on red alert whenever this guy appears onscreen with his frilly homosexual clothes. Then there is dipshit detective Gumshoe who is a clutz. Gumshoe and Edgeworth seems to be having (or have had) a homosexual affair with each other. Gumshoe all but admits it throughout many of the episodes. Anyway you'll see these two gay dudes quite a lot in the game. There are 5 cases and only one disappointed me with its story, and that was the Turnabout Samurai or whatever it was called... the story with the Steel Samurai. It was kind of boring and so where the characters in it. The court system in the game is pretty weird. Prosecutors control the detective's salaries and there is only one judge in the world. There is a hole in the plot regarding Meekins in Episode 5 that I can't figure out. The first time you see him onscreen is in Edgeworth's office after the crime, but then he later says he got knocked out during the crime and woke up in jail, where you meet him later. He's not lying, either. I think the game just made a boo-boo regarding this. The game's translation is pretty good and even has a Zero Wing reference and makes fun of cosplayers. I found only two typos in the text (such as "threw" instead of "through").

Chick's with big 'uns are all over the place in this game. Well they're
not in the Steel Samurai episode, that's for damned sure.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are mostly 2D hand-drawn art. I feel I have to explain this for current gamers. Hand-drawn graphics are actually drawn by hand. Really! They aren't 3D polygons at all. I know this is difficult for today's gamer to comprehend, but it's true. If you stay with the game until episode 5, I promise you'll see some polygons. The artwork is well done along with occasional animation applied and whatnot. There really isn't much else to say about the graphics other than that they fit the game perfectly.

Sound: 8/10
The music in the game, for the most part, is great! It sounds just like a TuboGrafx-16/PC Engine but with better drums... and that's OK with me! There are a few minor voices here and there and a sound effect or two. The music for the Steel Samurai kind of sucks as do a couple of other tunes, but the music that plays when you present case-changing evidence in court is pretty damned awesome! Unfortunately a sound test is not offered in the game.

Everybody in the game has a winning personality which adds to the fun.

Gameplay: 8/10
Ah yes, this game reminds me of 5 tiny JB Harold Muder Clubs, except that I get to go to court as well. JB Harold was simply awesome, and this comes close. It's played like an RPG but evidence is used instead of special attacks. The screen is always bumping and shaking when information is presented, just like attacks in an RPG battle. You have a life bar and it decreases when you present the wrong evidence or even the right evidence on the wrong statement. If you do this enough times, you'll die and have to start over. At least I assume, as I never lost in this game. Speaking of which the game is pretty easy, and the entire thing feels almost like a tutorial as it almost walks you through everything. It is harder to lose than it is to win. Like all real-life lawyers, you play detective as well. These investigation scenes are pretty fun for me, but the game makes navigation a pain in the ass. Whereas JB Harold just had to press the SELECT button to choose a place and suddenly you are there, Phoenix Wright forces you to navigate step by step, and you can't get to some places from others. It is aggravating and a waste of time. For some ultra-retarded reason the game rolls the credits after episode 4 is over even though the box and instructions both tell you there are 5 episodes. I cannot comprehend why Capcom did this. Credits are shown again after episode 5 as well. Maybe they should be shown after every episode, or perhaps between every chapter! Once the game is finally over, there is nothing unlocked. But this would be a great game to play through once every few years or so, just like JB Harold.

Nipples? Too bad she won't show any.

Wrap Up:
A great game to have for the DS. Playable and fun. Although playing the DS hurts my neck after a while because I am constantly looking down at it unlike I do when I play a real game system. DS hurts me. But this is a great game for this painful system.
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