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D3 1.04 Changes

Looks like the game is going to improve a lot once 1.04 releases. There's going to be legendary item buffs, where they are adding new proccing monster affix abilities like shielding, fire trail. Also item level 61 and 62 weapons are getting a dps increase so they can be almost as good as an item level 63 weapon, and the more annoying monster affixes like invulnerable minions are being removed altogether or nerfed. Full patch notes haven't been released but you can find all of the info by googling "diablo 3 1.04."

No word on the witch doctor class though, which is disappointing.

All in all I'm not sure if it's enough to make me switch from path of exile where I feel more connected to my characters. The game is like a modern diablo 2 whereas diablo 3 is like some weird arpg / hack-n-slash / MMO / auction house amalgamation.
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