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KillZone 3 - PlayStation 3

Great graphics
Right amount of difficulty needed to any FPS
Jet packs are a lot of fun to use

Story will have to be told in the next installment
Few new enemies

I enjoyed the first two and the third installment brings a lot of great things like various combat situations and amazing visual appeal

Story: You're fighting the Helghast again, but this time you're up against their military commander. The different environments are great to play through, though the closed in atmosphere is the most enjoying. There is a ton of full scale combat, so the story is told while progressing from where the combat goes. And I wasn't too impressed with the ending to KZ3, it makes me feel a bit left out (comparing it to KZ2). There is more added to the gameplay, everythings cut and pasted right, but the sheer amount of time spent chasing one scene to the next seems like it does not add up to a completed game. Like I'm going to have to get the 4th installment to know what happens next.

Gameplay: Great gameplay and controls. Switching to alternative controls made zooming a lot more easier then pressing R3. The same mechanics are back with the addition of jet packs. Which are great to use. Vast portions of the game feels uncontrollable for various war zone scenarios, but that doesn't stop any intense combat zones from making their appearance.

Graphics: Top notch on scaled battles. This probably tops Resistance 2 in terms of scale.

Sound: Great.

Score: 9 out of 10

Overall: The gameplay is great and the addition of Helghast assassins are great. But overall I couldn't help but feel any reason to play through it again. I'd say rent this one or get it used down the road.
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