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Originally Posted by Nem View Post
I read some of your reviews. Just wanted to say about Nier, that Nier replicant aint a sequal to Nier. Its the PS3 version of the game wich only got released in Japan. The only difference it had was that the main character was younger and Yonah was his sister instead of daughter.

Sadly the chances the game will get a sequal are quite slim since Cavia has been shut down, but you never know...

I do agree with the points on your review. The weapon upgrade system wasnt great and was way too grindy. The fishing and farming mini-games were there just so u could get 100% complete (since some side-quests require it) and a couple of achievements. The other point to it was to get easy money so u could upgrade your weapons but it wasnt really necessary
Yeah, when I got my copy of XIII, an advertisement showed a younger FATHER for replicant, so I assumed it was a totally different game.
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