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Dead Space 2 – PS3

Great action sequences add a new level of gameplay
Satisfying campaign (Dead Space 3?)
More sense of terror in zero gravity
No more subway-level transport

Story is about the same, but with a lot more flavor
They took some good updates out for some clever, but junky new ones

I was drawn into Dead Space 2 the moment I put it in, so much that I played for eight hours straight and got to finish it sometime there after (Normal Mode). I enjoyed the original Dead Space because you were trapped in space and you were the only person witnessing these somewhat catastrophic anomalies taking place. Dead Space 2 takes the same mechanics, but updates them quite a bit in the sequel.

Story: Isaac Clark is forced to live and dwell on the events that took place in the original. Basically the same problems are happening because you have no idea what is going on with the new series of events (the necromorphs and the marker). I enjoyed how the story builds on a lot of action sequences and how well the dramatic character development is. You feel that there is another helping hand, but you’re still stuck doing everything important and by yourself. Isaac is a lot more open and prompt to what’s going on. Which adds to every detail within the game.

Gameplay: Dead Space 2 throws you in huge environments (no need for maps!). There are ways to utilize being in zero gravity. You no longer thrust horizontally and vertically. You can use the jet packs on your boots. This was one of my favorite new features added to Dead Space 2. The weapons on the other hand did not seem that useful. I only bought one other weapon because you’re constantly dieing. It’s very hard if you run and gun because it can leave you at a dead end. However; there seems to be less boss battles and more gigantic obstacles to overcome in Dead Space 2, which basically equals each other out.
There also seemed be less suit options available, the few changes made were mainly to weapons and the gameplay mechanics. Which isn’t bad considering it’s not a new IP and it has a completely new environment to explore. In terms of size, it makes the original look rather small. Whatever backtracking you do in Dead Space 2, the game does pretty well. Or at least it doesn’t keep you there for long. This is one of the very few games I’ve seen pull it off. But that’s if are a fan of Dead Space.

Graphics: Great graphics, superb sense of detail. This adds so much to the shock and awe factor. I believe the art stylist from The Matrix series helped with the original, but I’m not too sure on the sequel. Everything looks great.


Score: 9 out of 10

Overall: You get to shoot body parts off of mutated humans and get to explore a larger area then before. But don’t get too thrilled if you aren’t a fan of the series. Because its not there to hold your hand if you’re looking for a story to build from scratch or a sudden change of appeal.
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