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Call of Duty: BLACK OPS – XBOX360

A main character driven war game
Handful of weapons to chose from
Multiple locations offers variety over course of the game's linear path.

Another war game
Some parts feel just like fillers
No real replay value
Not once did I find the knives or RC car from the trailers in the campaign.

Story: A really good storyline and also psychologically disturbing at the same time. The main character was a great addition, which along with it added different elements of war to each scenario. You play as a man named Mason, who is being questioned by a group of people who want answers about a series of numbers that you were brainwashed into memorizing. You’re basically reliving Mason’s past through historical events like the Cuba Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, and some added scenarios around the world. The game has a very good twist at the end that makes the whole experience shocking to say the least.

Gameplay: The game plays like previous CODs but with all the new elements added to make the game feel fresh and exciting. The arsenal of weapons is huge and the story’s action sequences feel right at home with the newly aging genre. Honestly; some of the vehicles are hard to control, but the theme of realism might play to this mechanic.

Graphics: Great, nothing lacking here. The Pentagon looks fantastic! Too bad you can’t roam the grounds.

Sound: Everything is in the manner it should be, having JFK there was cool.

Score: 9.5 out of 10
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