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Mafia II Ė PS3

Mafia II is a very good game. The entire plot is excellent. It is also perfect for those wanting a good mobster story.

Story: You play as Vito Scaletta, an Italian man who grows up in a poor immigrant family trying to make it big after returning from the war. Running dirty jobs for those willing to pay big bucks while at the same time keeping tabs on what is really happening in Empire City. You never know what happens next. I felt a bit attached to some of the characters while others seem like they are just there to keep the gaming moving forward. Which is very good in Mafia II because it has a very giving plot, plus there is a large sense of belonging in the game. After each mission you feel as though you have earned whatever happens next. There are hardly any missions requiring collective gamer work. Meaning most missions revolve around driving (a lot of driving in Mafia II) and getting the job done. The load of content to each cut scene makes the 5-7 minute drive worth while. Clothing stores, gas stations (vehicles need gas after a while), and overall scenario make up the large part of the game outside the main game. I did not seem to find any side missions whatsoever. Which made the game feel short in my opinion.

Gameplay: The basic GTA layout and a simple combat system. You arenít cycling a whole lot of varieties of weapons here. I went through the entire game without purchasing a single weapon. Combat is fun because the large amounts of bullets tend to destroy the surrounding environments. But overall AI and lack of innovation to combat isnít there either. Missions and story builds add different elements of gameplay. All which collaborate inside the plot very well. Nothing too large to complain about here outside of the large amounts of driving required for each mission.

Graphics: Excellent. The atmosphere and environment of Empire City looks amazing and character models have some amazing quality to them. There have been some complaints about how fake and weird the females look. Like more work was done on the men rather then the women. Overall everything looks fantastic.

Sound: The sounds, character dialogue, and music are on par with everything in that era.

Score: 9 out of 10

Overall: There are a few minor things I thought kept Mafia II from getting a perfect score. The sense of life inside the game was excellent, but overall appeal toward combat and the world seemed empty once missions were completed.

There are collectable Playboy play mate pictures which are found all over game. These are real naked pictures of women, they are vintage and all. It was just shocking to see them in a video game.
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