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being a big marvel fan, it actually feels weird to not get excited for the new movies anymore.
Probably cause the last few movies felt more like fanfics than the source material. Baron Zemo being a little crybaby bitch in civil war. Thor 3... which was more like a MadTV skit.

They claim that people who already know the material won't like seeing the new stuff again which is BS. Cause I read Manga then watch the anime and most manga to anime is almost the exact same. It doesn't stop me from enjoying it that I already know what will happen in it.
That's like saying nobody wants to watch Harry Potter movies cause they are based off of the novels instead of original material.

At least Spider-man into the spider-verse was actually really good... except for Aunt May beating up Tombstone...……. ughhhhhhhhhhh I wish they did his character better, one of my favorite spidey villains got treated like a bitch.

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