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Years ago I started watching the remake of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (know here in the states as Star Blazers 2199) and then the series just died. The Japanese blurays were all available but were going for about $40-$70 a piece and with only 4 episodes per disc, that was just more than I wanted to spend to complete my collection (26 episodes in all). Bought a questionable DVD set off Ebay and although it was complete and looked authentic, the quality was terrible. I kept holding out that they would continue the state side release on blu-ray and finally gave up hope. Some how I stumbled across it on Xbox Live Marketplace last night. Apparently Funimation bought the streaming rights from Bandai Visual. $60 for the entire series and I was able to download it to my pc and Xbox 360. I'll have to get used to the dub, but the video quality makes up for it.
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