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I might activate my account this month to appoint Xander and Childrens as heads of my Supergroup/clan if they want, I forgot I need to find someone to remain active anyhow within 3 months so my precious base doesn't get deleted!

That is IF you want to be in my clan which consists of only ME! It's modeled after a church and has won a few 'base' contests :x It's somewhat small compared to other bases since it was built, maintained and funded by only me. (note that 'small' bases in this game is pretty damn big).

The base has:

- Storage Facility (For storing Salvage and ****)

- Inspiration 'Box' ('Inspirations' are emotions that your hero/villain feels, when you activate one in battle your stats boost for a few seconds. i.e. 'Rage' = Boost Attack by 30% for 20 seconds.

- Offering Crucible (Bring a certain type of offering to the Crucible and recieve a 60 minute 'buff' depending on what you offered. i.e. 'MagiShard' = Increased Fire Resistance

- Temple (Decoration purposes only, basically just a church).

(yet to be completed)

- Crystal Room (Harness a crystal to give power/electricity to the base in order to harness at Item of Power.. yeah it's complicated)

- Teleporter (Arcane type) Room (A room to teleport to any City/Town in the game from the base.

If anyone wants to upkeep the base until I come back to this game (probably not for awhile) I'd appreciate it

Yes, I know I sound like a Real Estate agent, but I've had this Supergroup up since Aug 2004, would be a shame to see it die.

Originally Posted by Pantymon
. I mostly play Brutes, so I'm used to being the underdog much of the time.
Are you crazy?! Brutes THRASH PvP if they have a good comboing DPS set (i.e. SuperStrength or Dark Melee)

I have a SuperStrength/Dark Armor Brute around lvl 45ish. I remember once some Martial Arts/Super Reflexes nub tried to start **** with me in a PvP/shared City, just hammering away his kicks while I was comboing SuperStrength. My Fury bar hit 80% is about 7 seconds, lololol.. didn't end well for the guy.

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