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Originally Posted by SuperAngelo64
I.E a Heroic Brute (Think; Juggernaut going Hero).

Juggernaut's more of a Tanker gone bad. Very hard to kill, but not the biggest wrecker out there. The Hulk is the perfect example of a Brute gone good, angrier he gets the stronger he gets - same as a brute.

CoX is easily the best online rpg I've tried, and leveling up isn't such a pain if you've say, played Lineage 2 It's just fun to play, no hitting the attack button and every now and then press a button - you're in control of everything so it gets very action packed.

PvP is great fun, as long as you can accept the fact that there are just some people you're not going to beat in a fair fight based on what you/they are. I mostly play Brutes, so I'm used to being the underdog much of the time.
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