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I don't know when I'll be able to pick up again. I'm still really into PSU, so I plan on balancing between the two.

I probably won't need to play CoH AS much since I have alot've veteran characters at lvl 50.

But depending on if you guys are serious about this game and we get enough people together, it could be neat I guess.

You jerks switch games too fast.

But, since I am practically a damn Guru at this game, any questions you guys have about it, just ask away. Some notes though.


- Customization: Costumes, what powers you have (and later on the colors of said powers), Bases are very nice.

-Battle system: An awesome battle system, not as good as PSU imo, but lightyears beyond WoW, Lineage, or any of that garbage.

- Travelling from City to City is fast once you can Fly, SuperJump, SuperSpeed, Teleport, or build a City Beacon for said City in your base. None of that 30 minutes pilgrimages like WoW.


-Leveling: The game takes awhile to level up, it can be slow once you get to lvl 32, although the cap is and ALWAYS will be level 50

- World is not seemless: You take trains or boats from City to City. There are Hero Cities and Villain Cities, and Shared Cityzones where the two duke it out in the streets PvP. Still, said cities are HUGE.


- Theme: This is not a convential theme for an RPG, many people are turned off by the Superhero feel. Granted your hero can be anything from a Spandex comic hero to a katana-wielding anime cliche, urban martial artists with baggy pants and bling, or trenchcoat glad Matrix rip-off.

-PvP: PvP for this game is nothing short of awesome. Alot've people hate it because they either have no testicles or are girls.

- Developer feedback: The community influences this game ALOT!! If you post on the boards the Developers DO read it and DO post back. I've personally exchanged several PMs with the lead developers of the game. Alot've people think this makes the game unprofessional, so it's a matter of opinion.

-THERE IS NO LOOT: This game is very balanced but VERY customizable. What powers you choose and HOW to enhance these powers to fit your playstyle will decide how 'uber' your character is. It's entirely up to you.

That's all I have to say on this.

Again it may be awhile before I suit up because PSU is just too awesome for me to put down anytime soon, so I'll most likely be juggling CoH on the side AT BEST.

If you guys are serious about this:

Magicbox server is going to be


Unless you guys are ok with not getting free money or a base to bum from me.

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