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Thought I'd bump a thread with a new image.

This is a charcoal drawing I did for the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I took about 10 hours to complete and I emailed them, saying I was a local artist who went to the Aquarium as a kid and wanted to give them something in return. This was subposted to be a gift to them. They emailed me back, asking for a preview of the image and I sent them one, a 150 MB jpg. Then they emailed me back telling me to mail it to them. I replied that I didn't want to mail it and would rather just drop it off in person. Then I got their reply back: "I'm sorry, but we do not have any use for your gift in any classes or deomonstrations." What the hell? They rejected a gift? I wanted to give them something, they could have put it in the closet for all I care, I just wanted to show my appreciation. So I gave it to my girlfriend instead. Stupid Aquarium.

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