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Street Fighter IV launched with 16 characters when it released in the Arcade, 4 new, 4 Shadowloo, and the 8 World Warriors from SFII. Gouken, Seth, and Akuma were made playable and Cammy, Fei Long, Gen, Sakura and Rose were added to the home console and PC ports. Just like SFIV and SSFII before, SFV will launch with 16 characters. Remember, SF only had 2 playable characters, SFII had 8 playable characters, 4 unplayable bosses and 4 returning characters. SFIII had 11 playable characters and only 2 of them were returning characters. Street Fighter Alpha had 10 playable characters, 8 of them were returning characters while Nash and Rose were the only 2 new characters. SFV is using UE4, not MT Framework, there's no focus attacks or Ultra's, the V-Trigger, V-Counter and V-Skill systems have more in common with Dark Force/Instinct Mode, Alpha Counters/Guard Crush, and Drive if you've played Blazblue. If any assets were pulled from SFIV, they were probably base animations which are still accompanied by several new animations and various touch ups. SFV is far from unfaithful and far from bad, the netcode is better than SFIV, the game play isn't nearly as bad or slow as SFIV, the only games worse than SFIV is SF2020 and SF.
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