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Originally Posted by shaselai View Post
darksiders is a rental - mine is already on ebay heh. Darksiders is not zelda clone although it shares some similarities. It has quite a bit of backtracking and even though it is "open world" it is actually very linear. And yeah, the jumping is too awkward.. like every other jump he is grasping the ledge as if he just made it heh.
what have you ever played Zelda mate???

Darksiders clearly resembles a large scale adventure game, like the Legend of Zelda.

- You progress through by exploring the overworld
- going into massive dungeons
- which all require solving puzzles
- There's locked doors that require keys, switches to hit to open doors,
- statues and boxes that require dragging and pulling
- you can spend 30 mins on a single puzzle and not seeing anything to fight
- finding new items / skill in each new dugoen to complete it and defeat the boss
- each boss give you a new 'heart' bit
- you find bits of heart bits dotted around the world and dungeons
- x4 of the heart bits and you get a new one
- bomb plants laying around to blast through certain walls (some you use the bomerang thing to blow up)
- roam the out world on a horse (yes i know TP only)
- instead of a bomerang i have the 'spinning disc' thing

this is clearly an action / adventrure ala Zelda type stuff .. any one buying this for a God of War / Gaiden beat um up clone will be sadley disapointed. it shares more similarities with a zelda type adventure than it does with a hack un slash

from the 1up preview
What's our take? War's savage finishing moves have me giddy for a dark, gory take on Zelda's adventuring.
from the ign review
It draws heavily from mechanics established in the 3D Legend of Zelda games
seriously mate .. i'd go play a 3d zelda game again. Yes it has hack un slash combat .. but the game its self is clear a zelda type clone. Not that its a bad thing as its a sweet genre, and one i enjoy. So i'm enjoying this a lot right now
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