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Beatmania IIDX 11: IIDXRED

Hi and welcome again, this is Messanic back with yet another Beatmania game.

Graphics - 9
Much better than Beatmania US, but given that it's an import, I can't put it past Komani. On top of the pretty menus and Japanese text, there are gear mods, gear mods simply change your interface, quite a nice set up, you can do it by simply going to customize.

Sound - 9
Since this game is a japanese mix, that means that it's more akin' to the arcade version of 2005. Which means that there arent any sounds and crap borrowed from various other Beatmania games. This game has a lot more varied in music than the previous outing for the US.

Songlist - 10
The songlist is friggin' awsome and rather large. Some people say that 10th Style is better, but I havent played 10th Style yet. This game includes of 80 songs all from the arcade version, older IIDX games and some songs from 12th: Happy Sky and 13th: Distorted. I havent played the previous or preceding IIDX titles but if the songlist of old and new is anything to by, then I'll have a blast with Happy Sky and the like.

Gameplay - 9
This game is fuckin' hardcore, songs are ridiculously difficult to play, and all it does is make me a better player. I know some people don't like being masochists, but when the game is good, pain becomes unconditional pleasure. I really don't suggest anyone play this as thier first due to the insane learning curb. This is for pros only.

Replay - 9
The songs are all available in Free mode from the start, including the unlockables, theres a Beginners and Training mode too. The difficulty didn't turn me off, but it might scare other people.

Final verdict - 9.2
A very big difference in terms of gameplay and sound in this mix, I enjoy importing, hence why I was able to play this game. I really enjoyed this mix, a lot more than the US mix actully, get this if you truly are hardcore.
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