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Double Dragon II: The Revenge (NES)

Double Dragon II is the best game in the Double Dragon series that I have played, which makes it a fact. The main character Billy's girlfriend get murdered and he naturally wants revenge. So goes out killing (possibly with his brother if you play multiplayer).

Billy doing some fighting. What a twist.

So the story obviously isn't the pinnacle of video game plots, but that doesn't matter. Where this game truly shines is gameplay and replay value. I don't know how many times I have beaten this game, but it never gets old. The level design is absolutely brilliant, especially the helicopter, park and the train. The fighting itself is so awesome. There is just something special about grabbing some thugs and kneeing them in the face and tossing them to a river. You may also be able to trace back some reasons to this game why I became the annoying little sadist you all know and love today.

Enemies are also refreshingly different. At first they seem pretty much the same, expect different enemies carry different weapons at times. But the greatness of enemies is revealed when you get to those big guys who beat the crap out if you if you don't knock them out quick or those green Ninjas with sticks. They beat you up harder than an old guy with a walking cane you almost ran over will beat your car.

Billy doing some more fighting. This time with his brother Jimmy!

For a NES game, Double Dragon II was graphically quite impressive. I really liked the backgrounds. And that's pretty much it. At least the last time I checked people can look at pictures by themselves.

Controls unfortunately were quite flawed. I especially never really liked how you're supposed to make the SUPER KNEE KICK. SUPER KNEE KICK deserves to be written in all caps because it is so awesome. One hit from that bad boy and you could say good night to your enemies. You can see Jimmy(The red guy) performing that move in the picture above. But I guess something that awesome needs to be complicated. Except it's not really complicated complicated, but the fact that you have to be crouched to perform it. And a game where there's no crouching button makes it pretty dumb. Also, I found jumping to be a huge pain. Luckily there wasn't that much platforming in the game, probably because the developers realized the controls sucked. But most of the time when fighting the controls were decent enough to knee ugly women and hippies in the face without distraction.

Other than the last boss, the boss fights were mostly one big guy, or in some cases several big guys. I particularly liked the first boss, some kind of a fat bondage fan at a rooftop. It was quite rewarding throwing him off the building. The use of weapons was very well done. The fact that the weapons were quite rare and didn't last that long made them feel special and very useful. Of course because they disappeared so soon they really weren't that useful, but they did a great job at creating an illusion of usefulness.

The best part about the game is the multiplayer. Co-op was absolutely brilliant, and sometimes it was equally fun fighting against each other. Nice way to make the game a little easier was beating up the other player and thus getting his lives. Although it wasn't that necessary, because the game wasn't that hard, despite occasional challenges. Most of my lives were lost in those damn platforming bits.

The Train, one of the best levels

Overall Double Dragon II is the best Beat 'Em Up ever made and has amazing replay value and fun factor. One of the best games ever.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge gets an amazing score, 3 SCOTT WOLVES OUT OF THE POSSIBLE 3

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