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Seska, my control opinion is the idea that in PvP somebody else can just click and follow me. I dont like the idea that someone without skill can still keep up with my movements. Especially since the whole endgame is about PvP.

Also, i would have preferred multiple ways to beat a mission, or atleast get the the objective. On many of the missions there are, but on the ones that dont, they feal really horrible.

As for the Henchmen AI, healers will sometimes run into the middle of a fight if a party member dies and try to rez them, also dying in the process. That happens atleast twice a day for me.

As for Party members leaving, I was commenting on the community itself. Since GW doesnt take a considerable amount of time to reach max, since they arent the hardcore Powergamers in other MMOs, and the fact that you can solo all the way to lvl 20, people dont even think twice when leaving a party. Their credibility doesnt matter to the community. Also i agree on the comment that the way they sell items is crappy. Especially since there are so many instances of the same city. I propose a cross-district auction house.

And on my comparisons between GWs and any other MMORPGs:

1. on GW box it says its an MMORPG
2. No other game really has instances, unless you count servers (and MMORPG is a better comparison to GW then FPS)

Spiff- the armor is one of the things a like about GW. While everyone looks the same, which sucks!, there is no person to rule all persons becuase of loot. There basically is no looting, which is awesome. Though i wish the crafting system was done alot better. Though not too easy like WoW.

And if you guys think i really hate GW, just know that its better then Eq2, and not far away from WoW for me.


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