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Sirfetch’d Is The Mysterious Pokemon Sword And Shield Character

Sirfetch’d Is The Mysterious Pokemon Sword And Shield Character

People are going to be able to evolve Farfetch’d in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Sirfetch’d has been revealed! This character is the mysterious glitched Pokemon that was first teased last week on the official website. It will only be found in Pokemon Sword.

Sirfetch’d is a fighting-type Pokemon who has the Steadfast ability. (This means if the Pokemon flinches as a result of an opponent’s move, then their speed stat will increase by one stage.) It is noted that this Wild Duck Pokemon will evolve “after experiencing many battles.” Its signature move is a new attack called Meteor Assault. Only it can use this attack. After it is performed, Sirfetch’d needs to take one turn to recover.

The official Pokemon Sword and Shield website has also been updated, with the glitched page removed. The description for Sirfetch’d now reads, “Only Farfetch’d that have survived many battles can attain this evolution. When this Pokémon’s leek withers, it will retire from combat.” Its page also notes that a painting in Galar shows a Sirfetch’d battling an Escavalier, suggesting that Pokemon will appear in this instalment.

Sirfetch’d isn’t the only new evolution for an older Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Linoone will evolve into Obstagoon in Galar.

Pokemon Sword and Shield will be released on the Nintendo Switch on November 15, 2019.
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