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I beat The Evil Within on PS4.

This game is a mix of love and hate. Love because it looks and does amazing things. Hate because its way too scary!

I had issue with the story that was waaay too open ended and some bosses that had 1 shot attacks. But, the lighting, the way the world deforms in real time make it a technical marvel. And to think they did this with 360/ps3 limitations.

The sequal is set to be even more amazing given the removal of those limitations. I'm just dreading playing it because it takes you for a hair standing trip.

TEW makes RE look like childs play. Though i find respite in playing Resident evil (not 7), because it isn't as extreme in scaring you. Just some jump scares. Makes it for a less stressful play experience. I was playing TEW and wishing it was over at the 3rd chapter. It's awesome, but i don't want to play it. But because it's awesome, i still do.
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