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Beat The Technomancer (ps4).

I was disappointed. It was a mediocre game and imo a step back from Bound by flame.

It was inferior especially in the music department and the quest design. The game has tons of side quests that make you traverse the same envyronments countless times and traveling is done by foot forcing you to go everywhere manally and fight the same respawned enemies everytime.

The game ran at 30 fps while bound was 60fps on ps4.

I had especial gripe with the map that made the travelling worse (the mini map rotated with your camera but the main map didn't. It was hell to get around.).

The companions were unremarkable except for the mutant.The story was unremarkable. They increased the length of the game by forcing this awful traveling and back and forth, resulting in more boredom vs the short but sweet that bound by flame had.

All in all this made me wary of the studio. Definitly no longer in my good graces.
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