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Originally Posted by Drunken Savior View Post

First Persona game. Really liked it, but I felt like it kinda dragged on a little too long at the end. Combat was fun, actually liked the voice acting (dub), but felt like the story was a little lacking in some spots near the end. Kind of wish it was shorter, because I'd like to play it again..but no way I can replay a 100+ hour RPG when there are so many other games I wanna focus on.
yah I'm the same with long RPGs, people complain if they make them too short tho, but I think around the 40 hour mark is great for a RPG or any game for that matter, why does every game have to be over 100 hourssssssssss! WHYYYYYYYYY! Half the time the extra stuff you do in the game is pointless things, like in Spider-man game...... grab balloons........ GRAHHHHHHHHHHH! *flips table*

But, I finally beat all the endings to Has Been Heroes. Ugh, that last ghoul fight was extremely hard. I had to redo it so many times, something always just seemed to kill me in one hit!
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